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Benjamín Meza Reyes

I am Benjamin Meza. I was born in Mexico 31 years ago. I have a bachelor’s degree in Communication, Philosophy and Classic Studies. I am a Spanish teacher. My method will use grammar, pronunciation and writing practice from a native Spanish speaker.


Carlo Berenguel

Spanish tutor with over 3 years of experience certified to teach adults as well as children. My personalized lessons will help you accomplish any specific language learning aim that you may have in mind.


Sara Ross

¡Hola! I’m Sara, Spanish tutor with 9 years of experience. During this years I’ve worked individually, with language schools and institutes, also in the last two years I’ve had the opportunity of teaching online.
I’m always full of energy in class.


Arlu Uribe - Spanish Tutors

Arlu Uribe

I have a Bachelors Degree in Teaching Foreign Languages and I am certified as an online Spanish Teacher. I have been teaching Spanish for over 8 years to kids, teenagers and adults. I like to focus on the communicative approach.


Sergio Brijandez

Bachelor of Industrial Relations 1983
Yoga and Human Development Teachers Diploma 1995-2008
Language Teacher (English and Spanish) 1984-2022
Teaching Courses, Workshops, (USA and Mexico) English and Spanish, Private Companies and NGOs 1985-2022


Karen Arely Vela Silva - Spanish Tutors

Karen Arely Vela Silva

I´m Arely Silva. I was born in Xalapa, Veracruz, but I moved to Mérida Yucatán to study tourism. 3 years ago I started working teaching Spanish to foreigners on the Superprof page, where you can find different teachers from all over the world.


Miriam Guzman Cisneros - Spanish Tutors
Miriam Guzman Cisneros

I am Miriam Guzman and I love teaching others either about Spanish or English, I enjoy teaching in a simple and effective method. Hola Soy Miriam Guzman y me encanta enseñar a otros, me gusta que los alumnos aprendan de una manera simple y efectiva.


Emilu Abad Sanchez - Spanish Tutors

Hi, everybody! My name is Emilú Abad Sánchez, I am currently an elementary’s school teacher, but I also have a Master’s Degree in Psychopedagogy. I live in Mexico and I have lived in Canada too. My greatest passion is teaching and I can adapt easily


Baudelio Muro Samano

Hello! My name is Baudelio Muro!
I am a Mexican English-as-a-foreign-language teacher and a Spanish-as-a-foreign-language teacher.
I hope to be of service with your Spanish learning and the doubts and inquiries you may have.
¡Saludos, y mucho gusto!


Jennifer Zamarron

Jennifer Zamarron

Hi, I’m Jennifer Zamarrón. I know spanish and english. I’ve done tutoring about languages since I’ve been in college (3-4 years). Our classes are going to be fun, about our days, movies, games, etc. Not the typically and conventional way schools do


Learn Spanish Language from Online Tutor

Are you interested in learning the Spanish language? Well, first of all, excellent choice. Spanish is a beautiful language that is spoken in many parts of the world. So, all in all, it is an excellent language to have under your belt. And if you are looking to learn this beautiful language, then you could not have landed at a better site to fulfill your needs than Masterit.

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Now you might be asking why hiring a Spanish language teacher online is important when I can easily watch free videos or use any of the many language apps that teach the Spanish Language? And the answer to that is quite simple. Most of these tools are pretty generic so that they can be used by beginners and so have limited functionality. But with an online tutor for the Spanish Language, you can actually communicate with the language teacher who can not only rectify your mistake but also guide you in the proper direction. And if that is not enough, the lessons are 1 on 1 are customized for every student’s needs and aim.

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