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Jyothi Laxmi - Telugu Tutors

Jyothi Laxmi

Myself Jyothi Chalamalasetty,am an electrical engineering graduate,having passion for teaching languages and STEM subjects in an simple understanding manner.I have been working with various international schools teaching languages.


Swetha Tatiraju - Telugu Tutors

Swetha Tatiraju

Swetha T, Qualified MBA / B.Ed professional with around 4 years of Working experience as High school teacher with a passion to teach Human Values along with focus on improving comms skills teaching subjects including English, Social from 1st to 5th


Sireesha Vadrevu - Telugu Tutors

Sireesha Vadrevu

This is Sireesha.
I have 5 years of experience in teaching.
Expertise on Telugu and Mathematics.
I communicate telugu very fluently and explain telugu letters, words and sentences by using TLM\’s.
you can learn telugu easily by joyful method.


Nikhitha Thunkoju - Telugu Tutors
Nikhitha Thunkoju

Hi, my name Nikhitha. I speak Telugu language very fluently and I can teach Telugu language very well. I can teach with joy and fun. Try a class with me then choose whether I’m suitable teacher for you or not. Thank you!


RadhaKrishna Molluru - Telugu Tutors
RadhaKrishna Molluru

I am a Communicative English and Telugu Coach. I help you to enhance your Telugu language to exceed your personal and professional needs. I use neutral Telugu and neutral English to communicate. I am good at different accents. Come aboard now!


Burri Vittal - Telugu Tutors

Burri Vittal

My name is Vittal from Adilabad. I completed my graduation in Dr br Ambedkar University. I have done by B Sc moc DelEd diploma course completed in Apoorva institute Karimnagar. i have two years teaching experience in Telugu and Math subjects. 


Online Telugu Language Learning Provider

Do you know that Telugu is one of the oldest languages in the world? Often confused with its cousin language Tamil, Telugu is one of the Dravidian languages that are spoken in the southern states of the Indian continent. And it would not come to much of a surprise to anyone to find that it is also one of the most complex and challenging languages for non-native speakers to learn. But if you are interested in learning this beautiful but complex language, then you could not have landed at a better site than Masterit.

Masterit is a platform that connects students looking to learn Telugu with Telugu lessons online tutor. With Masterit, you can learn the Telugu language online from the comforts of your home and in your free time without any hassle. Masterit allows one to search for a learn Telugu language online tutor that is suited to their needs, skill level, goals, and finally available in their free time. 

With 1 on 1 Telugu lessons by an experienced tutor, Masterit has made the Telugu language learning online significantly easier. Our tutor would gauge your skill level and mastery of the language and chart a course that will help you achieve your aim in the shortest time possible. All the lessons and assignments would be target-oriented. Whether you are a beginner in the Telugu language or an intermediate-level student looking to upskill, Masterit can easily help you out. We also make sure you won’t face hurdles when learning Telugu from us.